Work, Space Science

X-ray Astrophysics with X-ray Satellites

Compact Objects

  • White Dwarfs
    • Discovery of new-type object with strong iron lines in the Galactic Plane (Terada et al 1999)
    • New Plasma diagnostic in the hot plasma of accretion columns
      using newly proposed mechanism (resonance scattering).
      (Terada et al 2001, 2004)
    • Discovery of a new candidate of Cosmic-ray acceleration site in magnetized white dwarfs
      (Terada et al 2008b, press release)
  • Neutoron Stars
    • Study of Magnetic field with Cyclotron Resonance absorption feature (Terada et al 2006, 2007b)
    • X-ray emission from X-ray pulsars (Terada et al 2008a)
    • Pulsar search from young Supar Nova Remnants

Non-thermal Universe

  • Particle Acceleration in Solar Flare
    • Monte Carlo Simulation of radiation transfer
    • Hard X-ray emission from Solar flares (RHESSI + SuzakuHXD-WAM)
      [solar flares with WAM]
  • New Candidate: White Dwarf
  • New Candidate: Clustar of galaxies
    (not yet)

For Future: Nuclear Astrophysics

  • Working Group for New-generation X-ray Satellite