Work, Hardware development

Astro-H Hardware/Software

  • Software and Calibration team
    • Team Leader
    • Development of pipe line / analyses software
    • Calibration and documents (internal/user support)
    • ASTRO-H science meeting, IACHEC
  • Soft X-ray spectrometer
  • Hard X-ray Imager and Soft Gamma-ray Detector
  • Others
    • Education and Publication team, tentative leader
    • Ground support system (GSTOS, SIB2)

Cherenkov Telescope Array

  • Physics working package (PHY)
    • Studies on Gamma-ray binary
    • Pulsar wind nebulae
  • Focal Plane Instruments working package (FPI)
    • PMT and Camera

Astro-E/Astro-E2/Suzaku Hard X-ray Detector (HXD)

New detector in solar physics

  • NASA Baloon (Solar physics; FOXSI)
  • DSSD + SpW